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Holophonor Records

All Purpose Music Studio

Denton's DIY studio run by Eric Daino of The Holophonics. Offering every stage of recording services as well as production, composition, and arrangements. No hourly charges or time constraints, just contact me for a custom quote.

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Studio Services

Recording, Mixing, Mastering, and More



Custom per song quotes

Tracking, Mixing, Mastering - solo artists or full bands, live or multitracked. Any genre or style.



Like the director of a film, a producer can help bring a song to life by working with the songwriter and performers to realize its full potential in a recording. I'm able to help you structure a song or co-write if desired, help arrange instrumentation, and organize supporting musicians if needed.


Custom quotes

Original composition or arrangements for any group or ensemble including large orchestras and marching bands.

Theme Songs


I offer original theme songs for Podcasts, Web Series, or anything else. Fully customized with loops, transitions, or specific instrumentation. Contact me for a custom quote or visit my Fiverr page for more info.

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